Retro Systems

Retro Systems was a remodel of an old manufacturing facility into the sales and training center for a CNC cutting machine manufacturer. A purple accent wall, which is a differentiating “calling card” for the company in the metal fabrication industry, became the most prominent feature in the spaces.

Project Overview

Retro Systems Sales & Training Center

Commercial  |  Renovation

All of the material, finishes, and details were carefully considered due to the projects limited budget. The most prominent feature of the design was a purple accent wall, that matched the company’s unique brand. Artwork inspired from different manufacturing processes throughout the adjacent manufacturing facility finished the spaces with a unique feel custom to the customer.

A rubber flooring was used throughout most of the facility, which was both durable and functional for the industrial usage. Instead of installing a ceiling, costs were saved by leaving the ceiling exposed and painting everything black above a certain level. The remainder of the finishes were kept minimal to be in line with the company’s modern, stylish brand.

Project Team

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